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Skin Cancer Treatment

Get Diagnosed & Receive Skin Cancer Treatment Today

Did you know that as many as one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime? With over 2 million new diagnoses annually, more people have had skin cancer than all other forms of cancer combined.
Skin cancer can often begin as new growths or pre-cancerous lesions on your skin. While these moles, spots or other changes might seem harmless, they can become skin cancerous. As many as 40% to 50% of fair-skinned people who live to 65 will develop at least one type of skin cancer in their lifetime. It accounts for nearly half the cases of cancer in the United States.

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Are You at Risk for Skin Cancer?

While everyone is at risk for skin cancer, those particularly susceptible to skin cancer are those with:

  • Many moles (more than 50)
  • Moles that have abnormal outlines
  • People with red or blonde hair and blue eyes
  • Individuals with the inability to tan
  • A past history of sunburn, especially a blistering burn before the age of 14, and/or a family history of melanoma

How to Perform a Skin Care Self-Exam

Approximately 30% of melanoma originates from an existing mole. Checking moles on a regular basis is very important for the prevention of skin cancer. Be sure to examine your skin monthly using two mirrors in a well-lit room. You should be undressed and able to examine in between fingers, toes and hard-to-see areas, such as the back of the legs and back. Use a hair dryer, if necessary, to see areas of the scalp. Performing monthly skin exams and mole checks will help you to recognize changes when they occur.

How is Skin Cancer Treated?

To diagnose skin cancer, your Radiant Complexions dermatology expert, will perform an exam and, if necessary, take a biopsy of any suspicious moles or cells. If you are diagnosed with skin cancer, your dermatology provider will work with you on a plan that may include excision, Mohs surgery or another course of treatment.
Schedule an appointment as soon as you notice any differences or changes in your skin’s appearance, and ask your dermatology professional to perform a skin cancer screening.

Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is a very advanced, specialized skin cancer removal procedure. It is different than other methods, since it uses a microscopic examination of the tissues removed, as well as very detailed mapping to allow the surgeon to remove any cancerous roots and extensions. With the highest success rate of all skin cancer treatments, Mohs is a precise and effective way to identify and remove the entire tumor, while leaving the surrounding healthy tissue intact.

While the length of your skin cancer surgery will vary depending on the extent of the cancerous lesion, the procedure will likely take between two and four hours. It can occasionally be longer, so please be prepared to spend the day. Most of your time will be spent waiting for your tissue to be processed in our lab. To make the time go faster, we recommend you bring reading material, music or other items to help you stay comfortable during your visit.

Most insurance policies will cover the cost of Mohs surgery. However, you should check with your carrier to determine your exact coverage, as plans do vary and you may require a referral or authorization prior to surgery. On your first visit, please bring a copy of your insurance card, as well as your photo ID.

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