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How your dermatology provider cares for their skin

Robin Westrum, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C

Robin Westrum is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner trained to provide dermatology care to the entire family. She received certification from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. Robin received her undergraduate degree from Grand View College in Des Moines, IA and Post-Masters Family Nurse Practitioner Certification from Graceland University in Independence, MO. She currently serves pateints at the Radiant Complexions Dermatology Clinic in Grimes, IA as well as at the Audubon County Memorial Hospital and Cass County Health System in Atlantic, IA.

How would you describe your overall skin-type?

I would describe my skin as normal, non sensitive. I am currently focusing on anti-aging treatments.

What is your overall approach to skincare?

My approach to skincare is to avoid complicated routines and keep a simple, easy to maintain daily regimen. Finding the right balance between protection from the sun and environmental triggers during the day and correction treatments at night is key. I look for fragrance products and moisturizes with non-comedogenic ingredients (like ceramides and hyaluronic acid).

Describe your morning skincare routine.

I start my day with good facial cleanser. I like Cerave for dry to normal skin. I follow that up by applying facial sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or greater. The Radiant Complexions Facial Sunscreen is my go to choice. Finally, I add the Radiant Complexions Ultra Lite Cream to m face and the Radiant Complexions Firming Neck Cream to my neck. If I have any outside activities planned, I reach for the Radiant Complexions Mineral Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF 50

Describe your evening skincare routine.

An evening cleansing routine is key to removing all the environmental elements that can build up on your skin throughout the day. I like the Cerave cleanser for dry to normal skin. After cleansing, I apply the Radiant Complexions Ultra Lite Cream and Radiant Complexions Firming Neck Cream.

Any additional treatments you recommend at monthly or quarterly intervals?

I'm a proponent of light chemical peels every two to three months to boost skin cell turnover and brighten your complexion and micro needling every three to six months for collagen production. For those interested in Botox to treat deep-set creasing, I recommend treatments every three to four months. 


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