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Licensed Esthetician's Skin Care Routine

Hallie Baurichter is a Licensed Esthetician trained to provide cosmetic skin care services. She was licensed in 2010 and has worked as an educator and aesthetician in Colorado Springs and the Des Moines metro. Hallie specializes in creating a custom plan for every patient including professional treatments, at-home maintenance, and daily recommendations.

How would you describe your overall skin-type?

I would describe my skin-type as oily and somewhat sensitive.

What is your overall approach to skincare?

I’ve learned to take a consistent approach to my skincare. If I choose to add a product to my routine, it’s important to give it adequate time to evaluate the results. I also important for me to find the right balance between exfoliating and nourishing the skin.


Describe your morning skincare routine.

My first step each morning is to exfoliate the skin on my body with a dry brush or exfoliating glove. I like using a microcurrent device on my face. After exfoliation, I cleanse my face and body with Cereve Foaming Facial Cleanser. Next, I apply non-scented lotion to body. I like the Radiant Complexions Intensive Eye-Lightening Serum around eyes by patting in with my ring-fingers. Finally, I apply Radiant Complexions Mineral Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF 50 to my face, neck, and upper chest. I use sunscreen as my moisturizer since my skin is very oil-rich, but I recommend that those with dry skin use moisturizer before sunscreen, then layer the sunscreen on as their final morning step.

Describe your evening skincare routine.

I remove my eye makeup with ophthalmologist- tested wipes; I like HylaWipes by TearRestore. Next, I cleanse my skin with Cereve Foaming Facial Cleanser. Finally, I apply Radiant Complexions Retinol Eye Serum and Radiant Complexions Nighttime Bio-Therapy to face, neck, and upper chest.  

Any additional treatments you recommend at monthly or quarterly intervals?

I see great results with microdermabrasion sessions seasonally for a professional level of exfoliation. I also recommend microneedling every quarter to kickstart collagen production on the lower half of the face or monthly for those who have textured acne scarring. For those interested in Botox injections, I advise treatments every 3-4 months to address deep-set creasing.


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